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Past history of the store

Lauren and I have decided to sell the bookstore.
More about our decision later in this post, but first some basic information.
The store will remain a bookstore, with a new name, under the ownership of Sue and Dave Lucey. Some readers will recognize Sue from the Writers Night in the Forest series.
Why sell? Simply put, seven years has been long enough for me (Drew) to scratch the itch to own a bookstore. Some of those reading this will know that the store is not how I earned a living, I had a psychiatric practice for 40 years, but in undergraduate school I was an English major. I opened the the store as a kind of "internship" to restore myself to my default identity, English major.
I will early next year celebrate my 69th birthday as fully retired and wallowing in reading and writing. In addition, Lauren's psychotherapy practice is growing and the space in the back of the bookstore is no longer adequate for expansion of her work.
Lauren and I are proud of what we accomplished with the store. I began it as the Kindle was born, and in the time of the great recession, and now we have taken the store from a money losing entity to a break-even operation. We made no money, rather, we have run the store as a service to the community, for people who value bookstores and for the more than 60 local authors who have sold their books in Storytellers.
Sue and Dave will bring a renewed energy and vitality to the new version of the store and continue its contribution to the locale as a wholesome and family-friendly anchor. I think the conditions are right for them to even make a little money here.
Our sincere thanks to all who supported the store, To the local authors who have books here, we will be in touch.
Sue and Dave will be here tomorrow night at Art After Hours if you want to come meet them and hear some of their thoughts about the future.
















Book Readings/Signings

Mark you calendar now for a book reading/signing for Lauren Bridges, co-owner of the book store and an LCSW Psychotherapist in private practice in WF.

Lauren has penned a story about a young girl named Zelda who has three older brothers who seem to always win trophies and prizes making their parents very proud and happy. Zelda is not good at competitive sports or other such events but very much wants to win a prize to make her parents happy.

So Zelda comes up with a plan. She will bend the rules of an upcoming race and in that way gain an advantage over the other runners. Please come to the book reading/signing to find out what happens. Just a hint... things don't really work the way Zelda plans, but she finds a way to win anyway...thus the title of the book:


by Lauren Bridges

Reading at our neighbor Ollies, just across the street on Saturday June 20th 1-3PM







Shameless Commerce Section

    We know you love sales. Something is on sale everyday in the store. Might be fiction, might be cookbooks. Watch the board out front or call for information

 Book is Here !! Autographed Copies at Storytellers !

Your humble book store owner has launced his book, a memoir that follows my father's journey home from WWII to be part of my small town community of Hildebran, NC, between Hickory and Morganton, NC. 

I take his letters to my mother during his time in Italy and a few other places in 1944-5 and I weave them into the story of his efforts to help others in Hildebran begin a little league baseball program, a dozen years after the war.

The memoir is structured around his letters and an afternoon of baseball that he helped organize for boys in Hildebran, Henry River and Valdese. The book is titled The Second Greatest Baseball Game Ever Played. The game in question was played in 1957.

Those who love baseball, appreciate memoir about family and fathers and sons, and have an interest in WWII history should find the book rewarding. Release date around December 1st.

The rest of this will be of interest to my friends and family from Hildebran. In the story, the following boys and men are a part of the story one way or another.

Melvin Ruggles      Charlie Bridges       Mills Bridges      Tommy Keller      Louie Page

Billy Cline                 Druey Lambert      Ted Icard            Jerry Rudisill        Ray Childers

Tommy Parham      Roger Smith    Clayton Lowman   Jesse "Punk" Raby   Clyde Houston

Herb Livertt            Paul Fowler             Winston Yoder        Terry Smith   Norman Bess

Joe "Mickey" Lynn         Elliot "Red" Holloway       Gary Wilkerson      Joe Brown

Dale Abernathy      Francis Orders   Charlotte Yoder Bridges (my mother)

My Grandparents: Laura Ida Miller Yoder and Oliver Macmillan Yoder         Bobby Ledford

 Discussion Questions For Book Clubs for The Second-Greatest Baseball Game Ever Played

1. The author calls the game his father organized in 1957 "great" because he believes it represents a "national" if not a "universal" experience for many fathers and sons. What universal themes did you see in the book?
    Possible answers: 1. It was the kind of experience shared by thousands of fathers and millions of boys/sons in the 1950s
                                    2. It was a coming-of-age story for young Drew, using his father as a model and using youth sports to move beyond being a clueless wimpy 10 year old.
                                        3. His father's come-home-from-war story is representative of what "the greatest generation" gave to the children who came to be called the "baby-boomers".

2. There was some rough racial and ethnic language/content in the book. Do you believe this was presented in sufficient context for it to be an important and worthy  part of this story, or was it inappropriate?
    Answer: Your opinion

3. Concerning the baseball action of the book, the author tried to write in a way that was entertaining and enjoyable for people who do not know baseball well or who think baseball is boring, and at the same time not oversimplify the action so that a real baseball enthusiast would find it uninteresting. Did he succeed in finding a middle ground that would entertain both the casual and the enthusiastic fan of the game?
    Answer: Your opinion

4. Other than Charlie and young Drew, who of the characters in the book stand out as interesting.
    One answer: One reviewer found Ruggles the umpire as well-drawn and interesting.
    Another answer: One reader saw her own grandmother in Drew's grandmother and saw her as admirable.

5. The author wanted to honor his father by telling his story, but not glorify him. Did he succeed in painting the picture of an imperfect man, yet one who could make difference in the lives of others?

6. This book is about the second-greatest baseball game ever played. What game is your candidate for the greatest game ever played?




Saturday ALL DAY Parents Read to Children

EVERY Saturday at 10:30am

We are changing the nature of our Saturday morning storytime. Our attendees have turned out to be very young children who actually need to be in a lap, most appropriately the lap of mom or dad. Although we occasionally will have guest readers and storytellers for any older children, we believe this will work best as a time for parents to come and read to or read with their children.

So each Saturday we will set aside some recommended readings for parents to explore with children and if you like what you see here's a deal, 20% off your first purchase and 10% off any other selection you buy from us.

We have a fine selection of books for all ages and we are getting ready to stock the shelves with new books. Come see what we have!


The Northern Wake Storytellerís Circle 

Next Story Circle April 12th, Sunday at 3PM

Whether we are sitting around the kitchen table or speaking at a conference, the world is filled with stories. The Storyteller's Book Store hosts The Northern Wake Storytelling Circle, an open group of storytellers, students and listeners, who love a good story. Facilitated by Claire Ramsey, The Northern Wake Storytelling Circle meets twice a month. For more information, contact Claire at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 919-556-3903.








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