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Art Special for the Holidays AND THRU JANUARY !!

Beginning Dec 8th we have a special event - "50 under $75" in the bookstore. We'll have 50 budget friendly pieces of original art for sale from our resident artists. They include Anne Elizabeth Howard, whose work is now featured on our facebook,        Anne  works in oil, acrylics, and water-based media. Anne's love of deep, rich color shows in her work, along with her sophisticated sense of design. 


This next item is a different kind of event than usually appears on this page. Those who read or watch local news will be aware of the threat of the people trying to entice local children into a vehicle with stories such as the search for a lost kitten. Very disturbing.

 Several parents have called the store looking for books about how to talk to young children about strangers. I have found three that I now have in the store.

Too Safe for Strangers by Robert Kahn

The Berenstain Bears Learn About Strangers by Stan and Jan Berenstain

Your Body Belongs to You by Spellman and Weidner

I am going the keep store copies here for any parent to come and read, alone or with kids, and of course available for order if you choose. 

In addition, my store co-owner, and lovely wife Lauren, is a LCSW therapist who works with families. She is going to continue the search for more such resources, and is available for discussion about the issue here. She has expressed her willingness to lead a free discussion group here at the store about safety.

Finally, if anyone reading this knows of other books that you feel are good for opening a discussion with kids about stranger safety, please share, by calling or posting on our facebook. I am particularly interested in books that emphasize that the key to safety lies not in a book but in a strong, open and consistent relationship between parent and child. 

There's A New Poet in Town

 His name is George Kolar and he is the real deal.  From childhood to his now life-of-a-certain-age, he has been inspired by nature, a spiritual take on life, and a generous imagination. His work paints the outdoors in vivid word colors and he shares his tone, tune and rhyme at the first indication of  a willingness to listen. 

Please bring your own willingness to listen on Friday night, February 13th -- one of the town's Art After Hours nights. And if you are so inclined, come sign up to present your own poetry. The first eight to sign up after George will have the microphone for up to seven minutes. George will start promptly at 7PM.

Black History Month

February is Black History Month and we will be honoring the contributions of many by having well known storyteller Priscilla Best as our guest on Saturday, February 21st at 1 :00 PM. Her presentation will feature stories of the contributions of some lesser known African-Americans. Here's the invitation in Priscilla's own words:


                                                                           COME AND SEE A STORY

Priscilla Best, the Heart to Heart Storyteller, from Goldsboro, NC returns to Wake Forest, North Carolina on Saturday, February 21, 2015.

The Heart to Heart Storyteller will provide and guide interactive storytelling in celebration of Black History.

The storytelling will pay tribute to unsung heroes and sheroes of African American History and culture.

“Getting to know unsung heroes of the culture through their inventions, proverbs, events and folk life fosters respect, understanding, and appreciation.” Priscilla Best, Heart to Heart Storyteller.

Find more information about this wonderful storyteller at

Shameless Commerce Section

    We know you love sales. Something is on sale everyday in the store. Might be fiction, might be cookbooks. Watch the board out front or call for information

 Book is Here !! Autographed Copies at Storytellers !

Your humble book store owner has launced his book, a memoir that follows my father's journey home from WWII to be part of my small town community of Hildebran, NC, between Hickory and Morganton, NC. 

I take his letters to my mother during his time in Italy and a few other places in 1944-5 and I weave them into the story of his efforts to help others in Hildebran begin a little league baseball program, a dozen years after the war.

The memoir is structured around his letters and an afternoon of baseball that he helped organize for boys in Hildebran, Henry River and Valdese. The book is titled The Second Greatest Baseball Game Ever Played. The game in question was played in 1957.

Those who love baseball, appreciate memoir about family and fathers and sons, and have an interest in WWII history should find the book rewarding. Release date around December 1st.

The rest of this will be of interest to my friends and family from Hildebran. In the story, the following boys and men are a part of the story one way or another.

Melvin Ruggles      Charlie Bridges       Mills Bridges      Tommy Keller      Louie Page

Billy Cline                 Druey Lambert      Ted Icard            Jerry Rudisill        Ray Childers

Tommy Parham      Roger Smith    Clayton Lowman   Jesse "Punk" Raby   Clyde Houston

Herb Livertt            Paul Fowler             Winston Yoder        Terry Smith   Norman Bess

Joe "Mickey" Lynn         Elliot "Red" Holloway       Gary Wilkerson      Joe Brown

Dale Abernathy      Francis Orders   Charlotte Yoder Bridges (my mother)

My Grandparents: Laura Ida Miller Yoder and Oliver Macmillan Yoder         Bobby Ledford




Saturday ALL DAY Parents Read to Children

EVERY Saturday at 10:30am

We are changing the nature of our Saturday morning storytime. Our attendees have turned out to be very young children who actually need to be in a lap, most appropriately the lap of mom or dad. Although we occasionally will have guest readers and storytellers for any older children, we believe this will work best as a time for parents to come and read to or read with their children.

So each Saturday we will set aside some recommended readings for parents to explore with children and if you like what you see here's a deal, 20% off your first purchase and 10% off any other selection you buy from us.

We have a fine selection of books for all ages and we are getting ready to stock the shelves with new books. Come see what we have!


The Northern Wake Storyteller’s Circle 

Next Story Circle February 15th, Sunday at 3PM

Whether we are sitting around the kitchen table or speaking at a conference, the world is filled with stories. The Storyteller's Book Store hosts The Northern Wake Storytelling Circle, an open group of storytellers, students and listeners, who love a good story. Facilitated by Claire Ramsey, The Northern Wake Storytelling Circle meets twice a month. For more information, contact Claire at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 919-556-3903.








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